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    My son, Joe, has been harassed and bullied since the beginning of the school year. This has included everything from name calling to punching, kicking, stepping on and shoving into lockers. One kid, in particular, was a repeat offender. In the beginning of the school year, I coached Joe on how best to handle these situations. I encouraged him to stay strong, pray, defend himself when necessary, to walk away when he can and report incidents to teachers and administrators when teachers were non responsive.

    None of this deterred the other kid. He kept at it. When Joe continually complained of this, I began to call the assistant principal (and later on the principal). At this point, I truly believed there was some misunderstanding and they would take care of things. I was wrong. Four times, I called. Four times, they ignored.

    The most recent incident happened in the shower after athletics. The other kid rubbed his penis on my son and told him "if you're not out of my way in ten seconds, I'm going to hump you as hard as I can." Joe reported this to the coach immediately. I did not know of the incident until I picked Joe up from school that day.

    The next morning, Joe phoned me from athletics (on his own cel phone) to tell me the other kid was still participating and Joe did not feel comfortable participating- as that would mean re-entering the shower with the kid. I instructed Joe to put the coach on the phone. I questioned the coach as to what his intentions were to address the matter. He plainly told me he had told the other kid that if he does this kind of thing again, he would be out of the athletics program. That's all he did, that's all he intended to do. I told the coach, I wanted to make sure we were on the same page because I intended to pursue the matter outside of the school. I had planned to file a police report that morning.

    Very soon after my phone conversation with the coach, I was contacted by the police. They told me they had been informed I wished to press charges against the other kid. I concurred, and charges were filed.

    I pulled Joe out of athletics permanently, his schedule was promptly changed. This happened after I asked that the other child be removed, I was told he cannot be segregated because he is a minority. (Very relevant the circumstance, right?!)

    A few days later the police department had informed me they could not serve the kid with his warrant because Haltom Middle School administration had reported (after their investigation) nothing happened. They told me I would need to file with the city prosecutor to proceed. I was fed up at this point. I went to the BISD Student Services to file grievance against the coach, assistant principal and principal.

    That very day, I extracted all email addresses from Birdville Independent School District and sent an email sharing my story and frustration. I also posted an ad on Craigslist under the local politics section. I started a blog as well. I also submitted the story to all areas of the press. CBS 11 contacted me.

    Our story aired. Another family came forward and aired the next day (also BISD). As this continued, several other BISD families came forward and shared very similar stories. All involved negligence of staff and administration in areas of student assault and harassment.

    Since then, we have formed our little grassroots group. We are all working hard to bring accountability to Texas schools. We have also attracted families from surrounding school districts, namely Joshua ISD and Lewisville ISD. These families no longer have their children, as they were lost to suicide earlier this year- one 9 year old, one 13 year old. Both were bullied, both asked repeatedly for help from staff and administration, both came from families who went to bat for them throughout, both hung themselves at school.

    This is our story, it has been fast and furious- but it's not over yet!

    May 16, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterChristine