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    I have read the stories shared here and would like to say Thank you to all who have shared, and I am Sorry that you have experienced these hurtful things.

    I used to be employed by BISD and worked at two of the high schools and one middle school in the district about 3 years ago, for four years.

    My son attended BISD for his entire education, PreK through 12. There were many times he complained, elementary through high school of things that happened at school, and many times I went to the school to take issue with his complaints only to be told it was being dealt with, or what did my son do to bring this on himself. Really? Bring it on himself. I remember the first day of middle school, while he was waiting for me outside to be picked up, he said another boy had pulled a knife on another boy and my son had jumped in between them and knocked the knife away with his backpack. Another boy who carpooled with us, confirmed the story. I was horrified.

    I went into the school and reported what my son had told me. Nothing was done. Unbelievable! My son was attacked in the locker room on several occassions. I talked to coaches, teachers, assistant prinicipals, why I don't know because the issues were never addressed. When he moved into high school, a boy on the football team, during a practice on the field, when my son tackled him, drop kneed my son in his chest, before running back to the line, because he was mad that my son had tackled him. I was there, I witnessed it myself. I waited until the practice ended, and the coach was walking back to the field house and asked him about that. Of course he didn't see it, I said well I sure did, and I asked if that was appropriate for one team mate to do to another, I thought they were on the same team. I was told by the coach that is just the way it goes in football. Hey, I love football, and I know its a contact sport, duh? but that wasn't right. We later discovered that my son's rib was broken, when I told the coach about it and reminded him of the dropped knee incident, he told me that my son wouldn't be practicing so he wouldn't be playing. Still ignoring the problem, THE REAL PROBLEM!

    Anyway, the next year, my son was attacked coming into the locker room by a single boy, who by the way had also been the boy in middle school altercation, my son fought back. The other boy did not fair as well this time, other team mates seperated them, and the coaches did not know this happened. The following week I started getting phone calls at the same time everyday from my son asking me to come and get him that he was sick in the bathroom, I went two days straight and picked him up. Then I started asking questions about him calling me at the same time everyday being sick. Something was up, because we would get home and he would miraculously feel fine. Not typical behavior for him. So I refused on the third day to leave the parking lot until he told me what was going
    on. He told me that he was being threatened by 4 friends of the boy from the field house (locker room) fight. That they were making gestural threats and verbal threats to him. I said well, we are going back inside and going directly to your assistant prinicipal right now, this is not going on any further.

    Upon talking with his assistant prinicipal, my campus supervisor as well,(I worked on that campus) he did nothing he said he was going to do. The next day, same phone call from my son, I instructed him to leave the building immediately, and wait for me in the parking lot where I parked. I picked him up, went straight to the AP's office again and was told that I should just wait that these things blow over and spring break was coming it would probably not be a problem after they had a week to cool off! Oh my gosh! I was furious, I said he will not be back to this school, and I withdrew him. I was told I couldn't do that, where was he going to go to school?

    I said I would homeschool if I had too, but he was not going to be someplace where no one cares about his safety, and only compounds the threat by telling him that if he is jumped he can't fight back or HE will get suspended. Bullcrap! Who ever tells someone that can't defend themselves from bodily harm is out of thier minds.

    I enrolled him in the BEST high school in the district. They accepted him with open arms, looked after him, protected him, enriched his life, which is the way it should be for all children. All schools have issues, and even the BEST, had issues, but they didn't ignore problems. So to Birdville High School I say "THANK YOU," for caring and being responsive. To the others, I say WAKE UP, our schools are a war zone and no one is safe.

    May 16, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterToni