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    Below is a copy of the letter I sent to the District Superintendent. The letter was forwarded to the District Student Services Director. ….

    I am contacting you as a concerned Parent. I have a 9th grader who attends Summit High School. Since the school year began she has had problems with multiple groups of girls. The issues have greatly escalated as the school year has progressed. One student slapped her in the face in the school cafeteria, followed her home on the school bus, and she and a friend threw food on my daughter at the mall. This child received three days suspension for slapping my daughter and no other actions were taken. Another group of girls follows my daughter from class to class making comments and pushing other girls into her; they have also approached her on the weekends in the neighborhood and threw food on her in the school cafeteria. These girls have received no punishment for their actions.

    These situations continue to escalate including facebook and text messaging harassment. This is causing my daughter sleepless nights and emotional outbursts. Early in the school year I requested she see the school therapist to help her deal with these and other matters, but this service does not occur regularly. I have contacted her Assistant Principal, Mr. Gipson on several occasions and at least once with my daughter and the school Safe Officer present. I have also contacted the school's Principal Mr. Neal. The result of those conversations was having my daughter and only two of the violating girls sign a no contact contract, however at least on of those girls confronted her afterschool about the contract. No action was taken. Administration also advised that my daughter needed to come and report each incident and the student's would be punished. However, when these girls are following my daughter to breakfast, to each class and even into her classroom where they do not have class, to lunch, and to her bus; when would there be time for her to report this information each and every day and still get her education. It is not fair to her to have to risk missing class time or her overall high school recreation running back and forth to the office to report additional bullying when multiple incidences have already been reported and little to no action has been taken.

    When I spoke to the school Administrators and the Safe Officer about the serious nature of bullying, how children are killing themselves everyday in this country as a result and/or being killed by other students due to bullying; I was told that all the school can do is wait for incidences to be reported and they could address it then. What happens if my child is seriously harmed as a result of continued bullying? I was also advised that the Stay Away Contract was only enforceable on school grounds, not on the bus at the bus or elsewhere. Yet the school has yet to put every student involved in the harassment on the Contract. These students continue to harass my child outside and inside of school with no Administrative intervention. When my daughter has defended herself verbally she has been suspended or placed in AC for the day, the same punishment as a girl who physically assaulted her. This does not seem right to me.

    Administration seems to blame this on being a "girl" issue and that they just don't know how to resolve it. I don't believe making excuses or threatening students with discipline is helping. Well clearly it is not. I have advised Administration that making threats to students for this type of behavior, which has been the consequence when my daughter does report the harassment, has shown itself ineffective. I've suggested that the begin a consistent peer training and workshops to teach girls the true value of friendship and consequences of their negative behavior. There have been times when my daughter actually retaliated by commenting back to a student who approached her with a mob of friends trying to fight her, she along with only one of the other students received three days of suspension. Again, this does not seem justly, when my daughter is approached by a group of children putting her down and she responds verbally and receives the same punishment. These same three days suspensions were given to a girl who slapped my daughter in the school cafeteria and my daughter did nothing in order to escape being punished. It almost teaches her that she should go ahead and fight when the punishment is the same no matter what she does. As a result of these seemingly unfair disciplinary actions my daughter has become distrusting of Administration as have I.

    As a Parent, I feel I've exhausted the available options and that the school staff is simply waiting on a tragedy to occur before taking any real action. This is not acceptable! As an employee of Texas Child Protective Services I understand and actively participate in the responsibility that every individual and institution has to protect the safety of children. The school system has a responsibility to protect students while in their care, if these situations are properly addressed at school they would have less likelihood of feeding over to after school. I will not allow my child to be a five o'clock news special or TV movie before anyone recognizes that something must be done to change how Mansfield ISD addresses bullying. What can be done here?

    *****after meeting with the Student Services Director I was told that there has to be proof that my child is being bullied before they will punish. They can do a stay away agreement and punish any child violating the agreement. The final action I could take would be to transfer my student out of the school. I want to know what I can do to get the word out that this school district does not have an anti-bully policy and how I can get that changed. ****

    May 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCorri