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    Midddle School

    When i was in middle school. i was bullied, and it was bad. it has efected me to this very day. i have beenmore secluded and away from people. i dont trust people as much as i should. and i care less to go see and meet new people.

    Now bak to some of the things that happend in middle school. there was a day in pe when all of the hispanics in my pe class had threatend to beat me up. there was another incident in pe then this one kid peed on my lock for my clothes locker. befor school i could not really hang out with anyone i never really fit in with anyone. i just trided my best to blend in and fit wasnt all that easy to do it eather. it took most of my 6th and 7th grade year to manage to find a group of people that i could hang out with. ialways had a few friends to help me when i needed it.
    Everyday was tourture. i had to wear glasses wich did not help but, even then i was called names made fun of. my teachers all liked me wich helped some. i was one of their best behaved student. All of the bullying i went through added up and added up. i had a hard time talking to people. i just wanted to stop going to school. thankfuly i had family and friends to get me through it.

    May 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGage

    I have gone threw much like your story! But I am only in 5th Grade. I don't have glasses but I'm 5 ft. 4. So everyone calls me Big Foot, or says Hows the Weather up there? I go to catholic school and Im on honor roll. Everyone calls me Smart Stalk. Like A huge bean stalk. But I just think to myself, God made me this way, and loves me the way I am. And if the bullies get out of control, SPEAK UP, tell teachers, family, princibals, and friends.

    February 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBrianna