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    My son was harassed and bullied at school almost every day during the last school year. This is day three of the current school year and it's already begun again. Three boys have been harassing my son on the school bus and I confronted them today because my son was in tears. He's 13 and he does not often show his emotions, so I knew this was a very serious situation. Of course, the 3 boys denied everything, but I told them that I would be contacting the school, Durham Transportation, and a local police officer. One boy came by with his mother and apologized and another came by himself and apologized. Those two seemed very sincerely sorry, but you just never know. The 3rd boy came by and "apologized", but he cursed at his sister while standing at our front door, so we didn't get any sense of relief or closure from him. Last night, I had just seen the story on the Tuesday evening news about the 9 year old boy, the 13 year old boy, and the 15 year old boy who each committed suicide because of bullying and harrassment, so I'm really, really concerned about my son. He doesn't want to go back to his school ever. We are considering the private school that is nearby, but it's so expensive that we may not be able to afford it because my husband had been laid off for 15 months and just started back to work in May. I just don't know what to do. I've sent an email to the principal and assistant principal at my son's school detailing everything because I wanted written documentation, I've spoken to the bus driver and I've left a message for a local officer to call me so that I can get some advice. I'm thinking about asking the police officer if they will go by the school and speak about bullying, harassment and consequences in front of the entire school population because he gets picked on walking down the hall, during lunch, and in some classes. He's tall and "lanky", he wears glasses, he's really shy and slightly awkward because he is so tall. He's a bully's dream. Do you have any suggestions or any wisdom that you might be able to share with me? My son wants to stay home from school tomorrow and I'm going to let him, but he can't stay home everyday unless I home school him. We've home-schooled before due to other reasons, and we can again if we don't have any other choice. But, my son wants to be in school around other kids who treat him well. I just don't know what to do or where to turn.

    May 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGeri